Sri Sri Kisan Manch

India Inc is marching towards becoming a competitive economy in the world with make in India concept attracting number of big business houses of the world to India as a destination for manufacturing. This is done in the belief that GDP of the nation will grow and provide greater employment for masses. This is increasing the demand for land for setting up industrial units as well for new human settlements due to rapid urbanization.

Agriculture sector in India has been facing serious problems due to shrinkage of arable land, increasing number of small and marginal holdings, increasing dependence on external inputs. In the meanwhile increased migration of landless farm workers to the cities has made agriculture a very difficult proposition for farmers. Climatic aberrations are further adding fuel to the fire by making situation of farm based livelihoods truly miserable. This is a challenging situation for farmers. Today, there is a greater need of farmers coming together so that they will improve their bargaining power for getting a better deal from the government and as well from many other stake holders such as banks, commodities market, agriculture input providers, power houses, insurance, health and transport in order to make farming a remunerative enterprise lest this nation will have to face one day acute shortages of quality food.

In view of this, Sri Sri Institute of Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, a trust working under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji has initiated “Sri Sri Kisaan Manch” (SSKM). This is providing a unique platform for the farmers to get their problems solved through collective effort in the Globalized economy. Farmers of India can now represent through SSKVM and be confident of their problems being heard by the Government. Since these groups of farmers will be emerging under Sri Sri Kisan Manch will have durable structure and will turn out to be the best ally of the farming community in finding the lasting solutions for the farming sector by negotiating with the government for better policy regime.


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