Our Trust launched a major initiative ‘Mission Green Earth’ in 2008. It is a long term Eco-initiative to protect natural resources of land, soil, water and vegetation. As you are well aware the natural resources in India are being over-exploited in Agriculture. In the initial stages our programmes facilitate interaction with farmers and public to apprise them of the causes for decline in crop productivity, escalation in production costs resulting in higher consumer prices. The seminars, lectures and demonstrations have already created awareness in farmers about the dangers in chemical farming. The Trust is going further in search of remedial solutions for some of the major environmental degradation factors in the experiments with the farmers and also scientists. The farmers are aware now, more than ever, that chemical farming brought about not only a dwindling in income and great loss of soil fertility but also damaged their land and water resources. The Departments of Agriculture and all line departments express anxiety over loss of productivity in the States and are looking for NGO initiatives to launch projects and programs to intensify input management of seeds, fertilizers.

On the other side of this vicious circle, people and consumers feel alarmed with chemical residues and unsafe food they are forced to buy. The industries have also been over-exploiting the farmers on the one hand and consumers are required to pay exorbitant prices for agricultural produce, processed or semi processed.

Our training programmes on chemical -free and zero budget Agriculture have yielded positive results so far. Yet to make it sustainable, an integrated approach to improve soil fertility and productivity is required. The Center’s initiatives have been greatly welcomed by farming community but the bottleneck at present is the need for transferring of technology of processing. To make the farmers manage their own units and get into marketing themselves is the true challenge. We need to facilitate interfacing of production process with processing and marketing of agricultural produce.