Eco Enzyme

What is Garbage Enzyme ?

Converting organic waste into fermented waste juice, is known as garbage enzyme. This enzyme can be produced easily with the organic waste from our kitchens. If every household makes and uses enzymes, to replace chemical cleaning products, then there will be more garbage enzyme down to our drainage system, cleanse our rivers and seas, save our earth. it would help tremendously in the reduction of global warming.

How To Prepare Garbage Enzyme ?

Black sugar is needed for making garbage enzyme. Brown or any raw unprocessed sugar can also be used but never use white sugar.

Uses of Garbage Enzyme

Garbage enzyme has many uses for the environment, agriculture and even in homes.

Spraying of enzyme keep the air clean, eliminate bad odour ! Daily use of enzyme keep the Toilet Clean, can prevent clogs, destroy harmful bacteria, dirt and clog will break down by the enzyme. Repels mosquito, cockroach and rats. Regular use of 2 table spoon of garbage enzyme in the floor with cleaning water will clean the floor and kill bacteria. Uses of diluted garbage enzyme to clean cooker hood, stove top, can effectively clean out the most stubborn stain.

Sri R. Dhawan ji , had taken initiative , he had given enzyme to farmers of dist. Yamuna Nagar of Haryana , for testing on different crops.

a) They tried on potato. After applying garbage enzyme

  • Potato plants were not attacked by pest,
  • Output showed that there were no small size potatoes, all potatoes were of bigger and same size,
  • Quality was white, no green potatoes which do not cook or need extra heat,
  • Production was 10 quintals higher per acre than previous years

b) Enzyme was tried on cauliflower. Size has become bigger and quality is also better.

c) Enzyme was applied on Guava tree, size increased with 20 days and inside the fruit, insect disappeared. Earlier, fruit used to be attacked with insects and penetrate the fruit.
Farmers applied garbage enzyme on fields in Dist. Fazilka (Punjab)

d) They tried on Paddy (Sept., 2015) -paddy grows more than 1& 1/2 times than earlier, reduced pest attack , whereas farmers observed pest attack on paddy of non-sprayed area.

e) Enzyme sprayed on Maize crop , production increases twice and plant is germinating 3rd time. Earlier farmers got only one crop of maize.

f) Garbage enzyme is applied on wheat. It has given 25% extra output. It was also tried on green cattle feed which had turned yellow. Within a week of spray, all yellow leaves turned green and output also increased.

Please find below analysis report of two wheat samples with enzyme and without enzyme spray as below :

Sample ID Without Enzyme Wheat Enzyme Sprayed Wheat
Moisture % 9.49 9.77
Protein % 12.74 13.26
Starch % 65.55 66.22
Gluten % 10.43 10.71

DR. Purushottam Wayal , our Marathwada YLTP Coordinator has applied garbage enzyme on his field, and get an huge increase of production.

Our agriculture teacher Mahadev Gomare applied garbage enzyme in his field.

Without using any other fertilizer and pesticide they got mass production of good quality yield.