mission green earth

To Achieve Global Cool (Only Trees Are Consuming Carbon Di-Oxide)

What is Mission Green Earth ?

Let’s say we plant a Tree for every person on the planet, approximately 6 Billion Trees. That’s a tough one, so how about if we start with 1 tree for every 6 people. That makes it 1 Billion, which is still a lot, so let’s target 1/10th of that goal to start with... 100 million trees... That is Mission Green Earth, at least for now. But, why ?

Why ?

A couple of thousand reasons, but to name a few. We want to do this for ourselves. For cleaner air, more oxygen, decrease pollution (As per NASA studies, trees help decrease a lot of toxins from the air), Global Warming and of course greener surroundings & a Green Earth.

  • To reduce global warming
  • To have Clean & Green Environment
  • To protect Environment
  • To protect bio biodiversity
  • To promote global cool
How ?

Let’s work on it. You can take up the responsibility of getting a sapling, finding a location, some tools to plant it and regular watering & maintenance to sustain it. Or we can leverage our network of people who will do all that and you simply “Adopt a Tree”.

We’ve found that a lot of people want to help and be part of this but their time, space & material constraints do not allow them to plant a tree as conveniently. We’d like you to leverage us at Mission Green Earth to make this happen.

All you do is “Adopt a Tree”, we utilize our vast network of volunteers & resources across ‘Art of Living’, United Nations Millennium Campaign, several forestry departments and horticultural boards to make it happen.

Art of Living is the world’s largest NGO and has partnered successfully with United Nations on numerous projects & initiatives in over 147 Countries.


Every village, wasteland, farm boundaries, along the river bank, along coastal sides, hills, Roadside, railway track sides, playground boundaries, in front of every house, public Places, thermal stations, coal mines, military areas, universities & educational institutions, Fertilizer manufacturing company premises, pesticide manufacturing premises, Govt. Office premises, municipal areas, Govt. lands, Industrial areas, etc.

What to plant
Selection of trees can be made according the climatic situations of respective states & areas
  • Lakshmitaru
  • Fruit trees
  • Medicinal plants
  • Aromatic plants
  • Spices plants
  • Coconut
  • Forest trees
  • Mangroves along the costal belt
  • Avenue plantation trees
  • Garden trees
  • Ornamental trees
  • Local trees of local importance

Seeding, cuttings, seeds, may be used during plantation programme.

Not to plant
  • Acacia
  • Nilgiri
Preparations before Planting
  • Land preparations should be in done in the month of May with the help of student & volunteers as a seva activity.
  • The pit size should be 2x2x2ft.
  • Fill with good soil compost 50: 50, locally available material should be used to fill pits.
  • Watering should be done at the time of plantation.
  • Aftercare should be taken by a group of volunteers, school children, senior citizens etc for next three years by proper watch, ward & watering.
  • Provision of tree guards from municipalities, corporate, individuals etc.
Who will plant
  • AOL
    Family members- volunteers, yuwacharyas, teachers coordination with villagers, citizens, students educational institutions, NCC, NSS, MCC, Scouts & Guides, police dept . Home guards, Military serviceman, State & Central Govt Departmental staff, seed, companies, Fertilizer companies, Pesticide companies, Mining companies, postal dept, Railway staff, Industrial serviceman, Bankers, BSF jawan, Spiritual organizations etc.
How to procure seedlings / saplings etc
  • Govt depts. Like forest, social forest, agriculture dep., horticulture dept, have the nurseries. In additions to this many private nurseries are already established &are selling the seedlings, From these institutions seedlings should be procured by booking well in advance.
  • The places where seedlings are not available from above institutions private nurseries should be promoted and established by villagers, educational institutions and volunteers according to the requirement.
How to meet Expenses
  • Many Govt depts. has the financial provision for raising nurseries
  • Sponsorship should be obtained for purchase of seedlings raising nurseries from
  • Govt Dept
  • Ministers, MPs, MLSs, MLCs
  • ZP & Panchayats
  • Industrial through Corporate social responsibilities
  • Municipal corporations
  • Educational Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Individual businessman,
  • Every citizen of India

Cost of plantation including digging of pits & seeding will vary from place to place& should be worked out taking in to consideration the local situations.

Students can play a big role by taking up digging of pits as it will give them a lot of joy & satisfaction of great service to the mother earth.