Seed To Sapling Programme

Home nursery project (Environment awareness program for school students)

To spread environmental awareness amongst all school students, parents and school staffs making a part of the solution of “Global Warming”. The project “Seed to Sapling- Home Nursery” should be implemented. It is to create a sapling bank for plantation during the coming monsoon season; this is to be achieved with the participation of people from society.

How does the school become a part of this ?

  • Ntroduce it as an academic project for the students under Environment Studies.(optional)
  • Screening of informative videos for students provided by the Art of living representative.
  • Select a group of 100 students called “Green Brigade”, who will represent the school for this initiative.
  • The initiative will be needed to be documented with authentic reports and provided charts.

This initiative can be supported by the Local News papers Group, The state government through social forestry Department, The Traffic Police Department through its RSP division, Local NGOs can be involved in this project, help of the local radio stations like Radio Mirchi can be taken.

If your school would like to be a part of this historic event, please sign the acknowledgement with the official seal and give it back to the representative, who gave this document to you. The local team of Mission Green Earth will support and guide you in this groundbreaking endeavor!

Participation Criteria
  • Only students from class 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th can be a part of this project.
  • This activity must be actively supported by school authorities and teachers.
  • Students have to fill out a participation form. This form has to be submitted to the Art of Living representatives,
  • The participating students will be designated as “Green warriors” and will be given badges. They could be encouraged by the school to wear these badges to school every day.
Benefits to the school
  • All the schools participating in this initiative will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the United Nations Environment Program AND The Art of Living.
  • Visibility of your school name in Local News Papers as a participant for this initiative.
  • The school that delivers the highest ratio of healthy saplings will receive a prize.
Procedure for rearing seeds to saplings at home
Step 1

Take empty and clean bag of milk. Cut the upper portion to open the whole mouth of the milk bag.

Step 2

Fill it up with soil/mud up to top level.

Step 3

Water it till the whole soil will be wet and saturated with water.

Step 4

Keep it for 2 days.

Step 5

Make 3-4 small holes at downside of bag with the help of nail. This is done to drain the excess water and avoid rotting of seed. Keep watering it.

Step 6

Sow the seed 1.5-2cm below the surface of soil.

Step 7

Water it alternate days (gently pour the water as the seed should not be exposed to air. Soil should not come out of the bag at the time of watering)

Step 8

3-4 hours sunlight everyday is a must for germination of seed.

Step 9

Name the sapling and give it the child’s middle name and last name. (Example: If the child’s name is Sumit Gaikwad and the sapling is named as Ravi, then sap-lings full name would be Ravi Sumit Gaikwad).

  • Seeds should be collected by the green warriors in consultation with teachers.
  • Each warrior has to grow at least 20 saplings at home.
  • These have to be kept ready and submitted as per guidelines from school.
  • The warriors have to measure the height of saplings every 30 days and maintain the height chart which will be provided to them. The chart has to be submitted along with signature of the parent and teacher.
  • The child also has to draw a picture of his career dreams in the space provided in the chart. They will also have to fill up their family tree showing his immediate family and friends along with the drawing of adopted saplings.