Sri Sri Kisan Legal Cells


The prime objective behind setting up “Sri Sri Kisan Legal Cells’’ all over India is to provide voluntary service to farmers in the areas of litigation and conflict resolution. These centers will be established all over India and would be operated with voluntary help provided by Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Financial Consultants, Retired bank officers / experts. This cell will pro-vide expert services to farmers, small scale industrial entrepreneurs in their matters of litigation, recovery of bank dues, those who are members of THE ART OF LIVING.


We would like to appeal to all AOL members who are professional Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Financial Consultants or Banking Experts to help us build this social service. Your valuable service would help to build this cell strong and healthy one and to equip well to serve the prime cause.

Nature of work:
  • Assisting farmers, small scale entrepreneurs and other loan borrowers in their legal matters.
  • Educating borrowers about proper utilization of funds.
  • Educating borrowers about importance of scheduled repayment of loans.
  • Delivering interest calculation statement and rechecking of bank loan accounts.
  • Helping write application to banks for refund of excess interest in case charged any.
  • PProper complete rehabilitation / revival program in cases where borrower is affected by natural calamities.
  • Professionals will not be paid for their services either by SSIAST or affected parties. But however actual expenses such as court fees, typing, xerox will be paid by concern affected parties. After the satisfactory results minimum 2% of the relief amount should be paid by the affected party to SSIAST as support to the legal cell in order to strengthen the cell services.
  • The services of ‘Sri Sri Kisan Legal Cell’ will be made available to those who have under-gone AOL courses.
  • All communication should be made through E-mail -, addressing to the Director ‘Sri Sri institute of Agricultural Sciences & Technology’ Bangalore.
  • Any clarification & information required in this regard should be addressed to the same as above.

These are the broad guidelines. The terms and conditions & mode of working will be finalized within a short period of time. All the rights regarding appointment, allocation of cases, policy decision, etc will rest with the ‘Sri Sri Kisan Legal Cell’


Uday Gujar,Financial Consultant, 09822450504 / 09822450554