Terafil Water Filter

TERAFIL WATER FILTER is a low cost device to filter impure water into clean drinking water. The filter is developed to cater the needs for clean drinking water, especially when the water is rich in sediments, suspended particles, iron and certain microorganisms causing water borne diseases. It is most suitable for areas where water from both surface & ground water sources like dug wells, ponds, tube wells and rivers is used for drinking purpose.

Features of technology

TERAFILTM is a burnt red clay porous media used for filtration and treatment of raw water in to clean drinking water. ‘TERAFIL’ is produced from mixture of red clay (silt clay), river sand and wood saw dust, without using chemicals. The dough of the mixture of these materials is sintered at high temperature in a low cost coal / wood fired furnace to make the terracotta disc porous. During sintering process, the wood particles are burnt and clay particles are sintered around the sand particles leaving elliptical / circular large size pores in between.

Quality of treated water

Within BIS limit


Within BIS limit


Near to BIS limit (0.01gm bleaching powder is sufficient to treat one liter filtered water to make complete pathogen free)

Increase of pH

within 1.0

Color & odor

Significantly removed

Rate of filtration

1 to 10,000 liters /hr depending upon type & capacity of filter.

Quality of raw water

Surface and ground water


Up to 500 NTU


Up to 15 ppm

Capacity of Terafil water filters
Rate of filtration

1 to 10,000 liters /hr at present

Domestic Terafil water filter

15 & 30 liter sizes with 1 to 4 lit/hr rate of filtration. Community gravity flow

Terafil water filter

1200, 3000, 10000, 30000, 50000, 80000, 100,000 liter per day. On-line pressure flow

On-line pressure flow Terafil water filter

60 to 10,000 liter per hour

Space for installation of community Terafil water filters: 1 to 300 m2 for installation of 1200 to 1, 00,000 lit/day capacities.

Maintenance of Terafil filters

The sediment deposits on the top surface of the Terafil discs are to be cleaned once in a week or as and when required, by mild scrubbing with an ordinary plastic scrubber or coir followed by a rinse with cold water.

Cost of the water filter from Rs. 350/ to Rs600/-

Requested to place the order to SSIAST Trust.