Certificate in Bee Keeping(CIB)

  • Minimum Duration
  • 6 Months
  • Maximum Duration
  • 2 Years
  • Course Fee
  • Rs. 1,400
  • Minimum Age
  • No bar
  • Maximum Age
  • No bar
  • 8th pass
Programme overview

There is always an increasing demand for the honey across the world. Still most of the honey is being collected from the wild resources (forest) and a limited amount is produced through commercial units. In the scattered commercial units, due to less technical knowledge and poor infrastructure, the honey production is less. A great potential exists in this area, where we may establish this unorganized sector into an organized one for the betterment of the society.

At village level, successful honey production provides nutritional and economic security and also empowerment to the farmers, farm women, and rural youth. Beekeeping also helps conserve the natural resources. There is a need to impart improved technical know-how to the traditional beekeepers in order to facilitate the adoption of improved technologies available in this area. The certification may be required to the beekeeper to seek any financial help from any banks, non-governmental or government agencies, etc.

  • Impart education about modern beekeeping.
  • Build human resource in the beekeeping sector.
  • Diversification of apiculture to increase income of the farmers.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills in beekeeping.
Course Code Title of the course Credits
OAPI-011 Introduction to Beekeeping 4
OAPI-012 Management of Honey Bee Colonies 8
OAPI-013 Hive Products and Economics Beekeeping 4