The program is designed to give participants a strong background in production skills as well as the knowledge, management, and business planning skills necessary to operate a diversified small farm. The program also provides students with the skills and perspective required to scale up their operation over time. It is a hands-on program for yuvachariyas , who are interested in deepening their understanding of sustainable farming systems in an intensive and focused learning environment.

The mission is to model sustainable farming practices through a working vegetable and fruit farm that provides educational opportunities to yuvachariyas. They are integral in carrying out all activities of the farm, and this experimental learning environment provide them with real and diverse sustainable farm management skills. Yuvachariyas get a unique and comprehensive education by running all aspects of the small portion of land, learning from specialist in agriculture field, and from successful, inspiring farmers .

Natural Farming techniques - Preparation of organic manures( Compost , Jivamrut, Ghanajivamrit, aamrit mitti, etc) , Plant growth promoting substances( Panchagavya, Eco enzyme) ,organic pesticides (Neemastra, Brahmastra), Concepts of indigenous Seed & indigenous cows , value addition in agriculture