Benefits Of Agnihotra

The term Agnihotra can be split as ‘Agni – fire’ and ‘Hotra – healing’. Every factor in this ritual plays a significant role. The Agnihotra procedure is said to nullify or neutralize the negative energy in the surrounding air and create positive energy to rejuvenate and fill the atmosphere. The actual working of Agnihotra is as follows:

  • The copper and its pyramid shape generate negative ions, which clear the air of various hazardous particles.
  • Since cow dung is a natural and potential disinfectant, it reduces bacteria in the air and surroundings.
  • Pure ghee is a natural detox agent. Since ghee does not alter in weight or properties when burnt under appropriate conditions, it dissolves the toxic contents in the air.
  • Rice offers a balance of ying-yang effect and releases several ethereal oils during combustion, thereby setting off chemical reactions.
  • The chanting of the Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit during the sunrise and the sunset creates resonance in line with the biorhythm and activates special vibrations. According to Vedas, mantras have potential effect on every aspect of human life and surroundings. There are specific mantras that can act upon specific aspects of human life.
  • Finally, the smoke from the homa binds harmful radiations in the air and neutralizes their radioactive effect.

Thus the enormous energy released during Agnihotra is thrust into the atmosphere, which purifies and intensifies the ‘prana’ or life energy in the surroundings. The effects of Agni homam can reach up to 12km into the Biosphere. This gives nutrition to all forms of life including plants, humans and animals.