The Importance Of Beekeeping

Beekeeping is the science and art of keeping bees using best practices. Beekeeping is very important, for the production of honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen (bee bread), royal jelly and bee venom; for food, medicine and income. Beekeeping is also important for pollination and recreational activities. There are various reasons for keeping bees, namely :-

  • For cultural purposes
    Honey is used for beverage brewing and occasionally served at important cultural ceremonies such as weddings. It is also served to very important guests as sign of high regard. The Maji Maji rebellion used bees as a weapon to defend themselves against the colonialists
  • As source of food
    Honey is delicious and nutritious
  • As source of medicine
    Bee products such as bee venom, honey and propolis are used for treatment of many conditions following the antibiotic nature of the products.
  • For income generation
    The honeybee products can be marketed locally or abroad to get money, with or without value addition.
  • Pollination
    The honeybees provide pollination services, thereby playing a vital role in food production and overall agricultural productivity.
  • Conservation of natural resources
    Beekeeping is a non destructive activity that could be employed in the conservation of biodiversity in protected areas.
  • Api-Tourism and research
    Establishment of bee reserves for purposes of tourist attraction and research holds a big potential for the future.
  • Apitherapy Bee products are used