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Nature intended food to be the source of nutrients we need for growth and energy. But today, the Westernized culture more often promotes convenience over essential health benefits. As a result, we sometimes wind up depleting, rather than boosting, our overall energy and health. Kids are getting scientific knowledge of plants in their school syllabus, but they are not aware of the nutritional value of their daily food. By learning to incorporate better nutrition into daily lifestyle, kids can boost their metabolism also.

Now–a- days kids become more curious about nature and they are really interested to apply their innovative ideas to form their creative world. Innovations in agriculture don’t just come from food industry. In fact, youth around the world are creating inspiring projects and products that are changing how we grow, prepare, and eat food.

Keeping this view in front, this year SSIAST introduces fantastic, hands-on interactive program for kids, having introduction to the fun of planting and harvesting.

Feature of the Training-

  • To discover the secrets of the garden through the fascinating lens of science,
  • To learn about the magic of seeds and decomposition.
  • To develop IQ with lots of funs and play.
  • To Learn about insects, vegetables, soil and worms while playing games.
  • To Frame idea about the soil and planter preparation .
  • Guided by instructors, kids plant, tend, and harvest fresh produce; prepare and taste the fruits of their labour; and enjoy the beautiful nature. Kids Learn to prepare delicious recipes using ingredients from their own garden plot.