Training Program On low cost Green House Technology

The main purpose of greenhouse technology is to provide a good growing environment for successfully growing high quality plants round the year. The results obtained from the plant grown under these greenhouses suggest that this feasible technology for small and marginal farmers results much higher yield. Greenhouse structures are commonly used to grow off-season crops when the conditions are not favourable for their normal growing. Greenhouse ensures continuous supply of fruits, vegetables and flowers throughout the year.

The controlled environment/techniques like plastic greenhouses would be to protect the plants from the adverse climatic conditions such as wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects and diseases. Rate of losing crops is very low.

It is of vital importance to create an ideal micro climate around the plants.

This is possible by erecting a greenhouse, where the environmental conditions are so modified that one can grow any plant in any place at any time by providing suitable environmental conditions with minimum labour.

Keeping this view , SSIAST Trust introduces Training program on low cost green house technology